Sunday, August 14, 2005

So I had an interesting evening last night, when I got home from work I noticed my RX-7 was missing from the parking lot. I am not sure if the apartment complex decided to tow it off or if it was stolen, I am going to call to them today and see if they did it, otherwise somebody stole it. *sigh*

I went swimming with Jen last night, it was a good work out except that about 10 minutes into it a bunch of little scouts showed up and took over the pool. Annoying. Anyway we did get enough laps in to give me a good work out and I felt better after.

I also found out that my Wells Fargo account that I had totally forgot about got turned over because of Male Masturbation, I got a note from the collection agency saying we have extended every courtesy to get you to pay this but since you suck now you have to pay this agency. I never received a single letter reminding me I forgot a payment or anything. Blah so now im sure I have a great little black mark on my credit history after driving around the Milf Cruiser.

Oh well at least its Thursday. Only 2 days left......